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tv   [untitled]    May 25, 2011 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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film the current ground leader there till mccann seventy should marco resort hotel who sold it to sochi on new maco limo could tell when results much will never be closer to tell mccoy revering to tell the kids since they tell mccown. rosa colored glasses in the rose garden president obama meets his british counterpart to. come on the foreign policy goals concerns grow the two nations are the only ones benefiting from their joint military ventures. with the kickoff for the g eight summit in france drawing near me look at how the group will work to solve the problems seemingly created by its own members. and protesters take to the streets of the georgian capital for a fifth day at the mining and the role of some cash really that they call undemocratic and.
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live from the center of moscow right this is artsy welcome to the program now the u.s. president and the u.k. prime minister used to that joint speech in london to once again pressure the libyan leader to go once again showing that special friendship with the office who english speaking nations is particularly relevant when it comes to conflicts on foreign soil he's a lawyer and it has more from mine. again david cameron said during this news conference very categorically gadhafi must go but as i say they are still insisting that they're complying with the u.n. resolution they talk about it's an awful lot they have cited in everything they say but in the same sentence both these leaders are reiterating the need as they see it for me to go so it's difficult to weigh on those two seemingly very different viewpoints. the very least it was necessary to disable gadhafi
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capacity to attack his own civilians and then of course there's the issue of moving him from power and possibly targeting him directly but what they're saying is that it's impossible to comply with the resolution to protect civilians if indeed gadhafi is still in power so that's how they're justifying it but many of course are saying that this is a clear case of regime change another interesting thing that happened was a slight disagreement that appeared to unfold despite this very carefully orchestrated news conference david cameron talked about turning up the heat in libya and he need leave dodge the question about whether they would be sending helicopters apache helicopters into fight closer to the ground as we reported in the media yesterday on the refused to commit to turning up the feet and in fact he talked about maintaining that the momentum that they had already built up and saying that that was enough to force the sooner or later to leave power so there's
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no further commitment from the u.s. in libya there which is something that the head of this visit the u.k. was reported to who wants them to commit to one of the major things that's come out of this visit is this setting up of the joint security border between the u.s. and the u.k. and what that will do is open up the defense and security resources of washington to london and vice versa now some people are saying that's just a formalization of an informal agreement that was already in place. as we see in the u.k. and the u.s. fighting various wars together and using their defense strategy techniques very closely in line with each other but some see that formalization of this working relationship as very dangerous to the rest of the world as my record shows all smiles and handshakes as the u.k. and the us take their special relationship to the next level washington's preparing to open up its highly secretive national security council to london as the two
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countries pledged to deal jointly with perceived security and foreign policy challenges with what cost to the rest of the world. i don't think it will change foreign policy in any dramatic way now remember that britain already shares a huge amount of intelligence with the united states in fact britain's nuclear deterrent can actually launch a nuclear missile on its own for in fact what is happening today is largely symbolic the special relationship phrase was a deeply tested one when blair was in power and his relationship with bush was seen in britain to be much more one of a poodle rather than a partner and yes in a sense it will be sky's unpopular was. not everyone welcomes president obama's presence in the u.k. a range of groups are using it as an opportunity to demonstrate against what they see as the anglo-saxon who are machine and islamist fringe organizations linked
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aggressive foreign policy led by the us in the u.k. supported variously by finance and other nato allies with terror attacks there's a real tricky places to go since a lesson until they leave they stop supporting the dictators the muslim countries torturing us supposing the car started his role. models you know. the u.s. and u.k. have been involved in two major wars in the last ten years in both iraq and afghanistan america persuaded britain to come in with the reinforcing britain's reputation as the us is lap dog. but this time it's different in libya it's britain taking the lead in nato with the us keen to keep its role to a minimum a deepening of cooperation between the two is something this group of demonstrators abatement objects to these are the cars go through the first the are starting to
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see to libya. three major wars. turn yes there's got to be bad news for those of us who want peace in the world to see those two cars corporation both closely triffitt outside buckingham palace where obama is staying these protesters are trying to persuade him and push prime minister cameron to stop waging war in four announced so far it hasn't worked i thought and cameron we you know i see it in their intention to increase pressure on colonel gadhafi in libya. and this demonstration come. late since involvement in the war in libya france's says it will deploy helicopters bringing fighting closer to the ground the global goal machine grumbles though with the alliance of london and washington in the engine room and this new agreement still cool information and resources may only adds fuel to the fire your avatar. meanwhile nato
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has pounded more targets in the libyan capital tripoli after its heaviest attack since the campaign began some two months ago state t.v. says of the airstrikes including one called peace a compound killed nineteen people and injured one hundred fifty others the u.s. has also invited the rebels transitional council to open an office in washington marking a new step towards recognizing them as the country's official representatives robert naiman from the u.s. based just foreign policy think tank says that the us and its allies are waging an illegal war dressed up as a humanitarian mission. he's been bombing libya demolished by. so it's a war you supporter or oppose it it's still insists it's illegal under united states law and this is being openly said in the united states it's never been authorized by congress but there is now a vote finally exploded in the house in the next three days on an amended by
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representative conyers that would explicitly prohibit the introduction of and u.s. ground troops to libya will attempt by some members of congress to put zone perimeter on what the what the u.s. means you heard a lot of rhetoric about human rights in libya because france britain and the u.s. wanted me in the case of libya war it was really britain and france they were pushing aggressively for action much more so in the united see i do think we all have to be you know keep our eyes focused on the actual policy and there's always a special relationship of course the issue is not whether we want u.s. and britain to cooperate i certainly do is cooperate to do was so if the if there is special relationship means cooperate and do bad things then it's not in the interest of the majority of people in either country. well you are going to use could have a company today and still ahead for you a new battlefield you know the middle east conflict look at how israelis and
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palestinians accuse each other of distorting historical facts and we can give you. this path leads to mountain house walk through three centuries was the funniest biography and it's possible terms of the development of the country's history people come to visit and talk to him and today madame it doesn't read to share some of his secrets to a long life without. just trying ten minutes past the hour now here in moscow and it's just one day to go before the g eight summit kicks off in the french resort of dover you know the meeting will be hosted by nicolas sarkozy and his country holds the presidency of the group this year and i thought he was and you see now reports from france that under his leadership france and sarkozy played a leading role in causing the problems the summit is aiming to solve. the g. eight has gone full circle the last time the summit was held in france eight years ago the agenda looked almost the same. war the economy somewhere in the
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middle eight africa on the table then iraq and boosting the euro now it's libya and saving the euro. two thousand and three france had a very different stance on global politics then it was staunchly opposed to the u.s. invasion of iraq french fries quickly became freedom fries after france u.s. relations soured despite summit smiles but with a new french president came a new friend turkey was a has rejected entirely the path of goody a friend playing a constructive role in a multi multi polar world and has aligned himself with the single superpower the united states nowadays france is barking much louder with more soldiers involved in foreign military conflicts of brawn then ever before it's a globalist modern. it's not just the friends it's
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a whole. global plan to change governments as they want. france played a central role in ivory coast's bloody presidential stalemate and is considered the unspoken leader of the intervention in libya this great sarkozy wanted his to participate and to be one of the first. ruler western ruler to go there and just for his political agenda critics say this new global policy was meant to win over french voters but hasn't worked france is a kind of small united states with many interventions that are very costly and very little thinking about the relationship between rhetoric and the cost. and cost is the killer european countries are facing more and more protest over huge spending cuts in an attempt to lower tariffs and fits and save
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a drowning euro sex scandal involving i.m.f. had done an extra one might have knock out a top contender competing against sarkozy for the presidency but experts say g.e.'s k. was toppled at the wrong time when you've still got worries about whether the euro will still be the currency of all these european countries in the next twelve to twenty four months and at the same time spending hundreds of millions forcing their way into the libyan conflict they don't see eye to eye but they going to try to regroup around. the idea that it's a humanitarian intervention and the u.n. resolution a resolution that china and russia didn't veto but have claimed has been manipulated to suit western interests perhaps there will be an appearance of agreement but if there is an appearance of agreement in my mind it won't be an appearance appearance at the g.
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eight is hard not to notice the venue is usually some exclusive resort town where you can't hear protest over the euro and it's easy to forget bombs are falling in libya this year france is beautiful normandy was chosen to house leaders as they sit down to debate some of the world's ugliest problems and once again are faced with the question of whether the g eight can regroup on splitting its years and he's now a r t the movie fronts. and of course we'll bring you extensive coverage of the today g eight summit as well as the expert analysis of the event and the issues discuss all of that right here on our team. now turning our attention to georgia where thousands of opposition supporters are into the fifth straight day of protests against the government there demanding an end to state sanctioned corruption and the resignation of president mikheil saakashvili who they accuse of abusing his position to maintain power parties at surface details from tbilisi. well the day of praise might being cancelled the peace process is still angry can
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see them marching from their initial side by the t.v. station they come down the rise and heading towards freedom but they're actually stopping the traffic now and the numbers of kids are quite significantly from what we saw earlier on the rally has gone ahead they. have you can still see the people wearing the mask carrying the sticks frank a family pride that very angry the opposition calling for an end to what they say is an anti-democratic they want to stay out the marches most freedom. and independence to my eye to make their voices. they take the process rights to the main parliament building it is they were marching along the streets today. telling state is turning and it's now around five thousand people here listening to the opposition addressing the crowd. leading this
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rally this thinks of some people the silver revolution is the older generation they can see in the closet these people who are struggling with life and high food prices. older generation. just. in the military right. will be guys cause we saw them blocking off the riots and causing that destruction the weekend when the prices that we saw this pilot clashes between police and protesters some of them being arrested fights breaking out whether the tanks happen again i'll show you that we tell you what police are going to think this is a sanction if they try and remain in this area that's made their all kinds. of the head. great. protesters in georgia pushed
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harder for resignation ready themselves for a response from the government when i look on the web site of course. the learn how previous uprisings in the country came to an end. video section. so i'm going to events in georgia all of that and of course much much more. is. it with a live from moscow now the israeli palestinian stalemate has only strengthened after his visit to the u.s.
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another battle is raging online both sides claim that one of the world's most popular websites that if we can it's rewriting the history of the conflict i thought it was a poll or a report this fight is far from coal. the israeli palestinian conflict has reached an unlikely a new field of battle where there are no borders and no generals calling the shots there is no facts. like fact checking or a committee or something like that there is no chief editor or anything like that which is why we can pedia an online encyclopedia is one of the world's most popular websites with sixteen million entries open for anyone to edit rewrite or even to raise the most popular of those pages and middle east there is an article i think practically about any village or palestinian village that was destroyed during forty eight war there's a really deep independence war and there are i think articles about any military
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operation that. launched during the history of the conflict both israelis and palestinians complain this side of the story is not properly covered propaganda is putting a label on israel and calling us apartheid state we fight by bringing the actual facts where israel is the most progressive democracy in the middle east and for that matter the only democracy in the middle east and that's why not you should cancel their representatives really secular movement has been organizing workshops to teach people how to post revise and even rewrite some of the most disputed pages on line this disagreement on terminology such as the word occupation and history of what happened in certain conflicts even the names of certain cities and towns what we do is we monitor our various media outlets and when we see for example that a certain media outlet calls israel an apartheid state then we send our people to engage in discussion and to give the facts but the palestinians have lists people
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to send in which is why the battlefield is not equal according to others are not so we head for the association of palestinian journalists he says he wishes he had the kind of cash the israelis had to train palestinians to. brush up on the knowledge of we completely and there's a big expansion in the israeli palestinian conflict will be forced on the pages of wiki pedia these really control the online media they control words like terrorists islamic jihad we need trainers and finance to get it and interpret we p.d.f. as well but these were completely experts say it has nothing to do with training and everything to do with the truth i think people should stick to the truth and not try to learn how to put of their point of view in the wikipedia article i mean if you have sources just bring them on but in this wall every bush of ammunition counts it's no secret that the revolutions sweeping the arab world found their support online hundreds of thousands of people signed up on
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a facebook page calling for a third palestinian uprising or into fodder that page has since been closed down for inciting violence but the fight online continues policy our team. i just only twenty minutes past the hour now here in the russian capital is check out some of the headlines in print for france's finance minister has officially entered the race to become the next head of the international monetary fund which is following a dominant australia's cards resignation over a sex scandal christine lagarde is reported to have the backing of all the e.u. states and the u.s. as the fastest growing economies known as the brics countries have issued a joint statement calling for a selection process based on competency and not on nationality. traffic in the north of germany has resumed hours after major airports were closed due to the high level of volcanic ash from iceland to airports and remain shut however with hundreds of flights cancelled their european meteorologists say there's been
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a sharp decline in the volcanic activity responsible for the destruction they predict that flights and european air space will be back to normal as early as tomorrow. but when he was born the world was a different place and that's not surprising when you consider it was the nineteenth century medina cotton of a method whose staking a claim as the oldest person on the planet. the october revolution the russian civil war the birth and death of the saga of human in even two world wars this man has in them all because he claims to be one hundred twenty one years old. son of says he's the oldest person living in russia and perhaps across the globe people come to visit and talk to him and today madame it has agreed to share some of his secrets to a long life with us too. despite only humble surroundings madame ian says his
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neighborhood has provided him with a lacks air of life. by eve only what i raise myself i drink milk milk products vegetables from my garden all my life i was a foreigner i worked a lot with buffaloes and horses hard work is good for you. well his body may not be out soon and all as it once was his soul remains strong and determined all his life his strictly followed all religious traditions he prays five times a day and does all the preparations himself. the official information we could find about madame mia dates back to the nine hundred sixty s. when he moved to get a stand in these documents it is sad that he was born in eighty ninety and there's also a database about him and his family however the rest of the archive to prove his muffin life was destroyed in a fire in the 1930's in change now where he was born recently the title of the all
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just living person was awarded by the guinness book of records to a brazilian woman might be a girl mr lane tim who is one hundred fourteen years old but my government's family remains under turds and wants to see him crowned with the title this is what we have thought a certain application to the guinness book of records we all already thought muddy really truly deserves a record of ninety nine percent of claims about people being one hundred fifteen or over are said to be fools on documentable the guinness book of records ask applicants must have original proof of birth issued within twenty years of that birth and prove that the person alive today is the same person in their original certificate whether the naughty alva gets official recognition when it comes to tracing your roots it's name will always stand proud of his family tree. in the
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courts no r.t. that he's done. i know that some of the business operates with korea. and welcomes all business goes in the south joining me russia's economic growth is accelerating product bought by strong cannot of these prices the state expects economy to recover to its pre-crisis levels by the beginning of next year however paul marson chief investment officer at long bard already a bank doubts the rebound will be so quick. when you have inflation running at nine percent there are no waits and almost double that let's say in the last six months of daniel isaac it was significant underlying inflation issue really and frustrations to some motion policy needs to be tightened if you flexion is going to be controlled and if you tight monetary policy a time when we're seeing fiscal policy tightening bite in western europe we're going to see fiscal policy tightening in the u.s. in due course we're likely to see at some point in the future a japanese financial crisis we're seeing the chinese economy slowing down under the
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burden of monetary policy designed to tighten the conditions there to dampen their inflation issue it seems to us that the risks in russia in the near term could very well be towards a slower rather than a faster economy. and us take a look at the markets crude prices continue to fall to asia as the u.s. dollar strengthens with investors waiting on the results of the u.s. one energy products the poor expected later today stocks in the u.s. open all for four straight day as europe that goes persists the government reported on weaker than expected durable goods orders for april and that is also affecting the stocks dow jones industrial averages is a point two percent the nasdaq composite is down point one percent. now europeans doesn't really mostly flights best as a concern about a possible greek default and its potential impact on others that later eurozone countries gains for banks such as commerce bank and comic because it has three outs are providing support in london barclays gained one point seven percent world bank of scotland group is trading one point three percent higher. and here in moscow
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stocks edged higher in evening session climbing for a second day nice x.'s gaining point four percent reversing from earlier losses here are the markets movers m i six this hour energy majors have bounced back from earlier losses are all snapped and look or are both gaining under and over a percent correctly in other sectors airflight is adding nearly two hapless sent the reports its net profit has almost tripled in two thousand and ten. now the currency crisis isn't dello russo is turning into an economic collapse. yes people are emptying supermarket shelves as prices show double digit rises on a weekly basis how to keep the economy of clothes across the stricken country needs foreign cars rush is ready to bail out but this comes under the current condition it carries up market reforms among them is privatization that's going to stick sequences better with will sell assets for over seven billion dollars over the next three years analysts agree market reforms are the only way to cut costs. in the
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end the only country which has the ability to be able to help is actually better or worse they are the ones that have to make the structural changes that they need to get their economy back on line it's not you can help solve the problem provide providing funding in the short term either from the i.m.f. or more likely from russia but it's not going to this over the longer term issues in the medium term when when things actually do turn around about the risks they have to not it's a force enjoying now about it when they do turn around there's going to be a lot of opportunity for russian companies to move into better or worse use the experience of the connections that they have in belarus to help rebuild the economy . well the industrial design scene isn't whose i offer in moscow their services to help expand the city's metro system but experts warn the city's construction capabilities may fall short on the next six years the russian capital is planning to build eighty two kilometers of new lines can buy says it can built fifteen kilometers of underground railway
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a year as humans can provide cars and electronics companies are also offering to manage the operation of the new lines and the companies are discussing the deal although an agreement has not yet mixed. that's all i have for you this hour but you can always buy more stories just hold on to our web sites are to dot com slash business stay with us to headline news coming up next.
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this is not a publication but more. of the should you say everybody is sure to support you trish because they have no idea about the hardships the face. plate one issue is this is it all going to the same. for any army the life of abuse is the most precious thing in the world. of some sacrifice and terrorism but those who understand it fully and you have to live their. life stories from world need. nineteen forty five going on she taught college. twenty years ago.


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